Understand the areas

If you are familiar with the Comox Valley, that’s a great start as you probably already know what area you want to purchase in.  If you are new to the region, start by driving around to get a good feel for the scope of each neighborhood, with the shops, schools, restaurants, amenities and residents residing in each community.  If you are having lunch in a local restaurant, ask your server or shopkeeper about the various areas and get their take on where or what you should check out next!

Ask Carla about the pro’s and con’s of each area to help you determine what is the right area for your lifestyle, and their opinion on where you will be the most satisfied.


Meet with a Mortgage Broker in advance to going house shopping so that you know what you can and cannot afford.  Sellers are much more receptive to an offer when the know the Buyer has been pre-approved, and you’ll also avoid being disappointed by going after homes that may be over your budget.

Make a list of your wants & needs

Actually two lists are best – start with your “must-haves”.  Things like enough bedrooms, bathrooms, amenties, style of home, and even location.  Items that are deal breakers should go on this list.  The second list will be items that you would be nice to have.  Maybe a jetted bathtub, granite counters, a man-cave, or golf-cart garage might be on this list.

Be Thorough

Be prepared to do your due diligence when buying your next home.  It may cost a little money upfront, but will save you in the long run.  Your Agent should advise to include inspection and mortgage contingencies in your written offer.  Paying for a building inspection, septic inspection (if rural), and fireplace (wood burning) inspection are well worth the money.